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Behavioral Health Companion
for Therapists and Clients

Maslo Care is an invitation-only client engagement and communication tool designed to make it easier for clinicians to gather behavioral health information from their client in between therapy sessions.

Maslo Care Mobile App Maslo Care Dashboard

What The Clinician Gets

The dashboard enables clinicians to stay up-to-date on the client’s overall well-being.

  • Maslo care assesses and displays the client's levels of anger, anxiety, and depression.

    Real-time Resilience

  • Maslo care captures all client data, including mood, check-in summaries, treatment interventions, and responses, and compiles in a way that can be easily pasted into an EHR.

    Progress Notes

  • Therapists have the ability to send clinical assessment tools such as PHQ-9 and GAD-7 to record and visualize client progress over time .

    Standardized Measures

  • The maslo care gives the clinician the option to record their time with the client, assign a diagnosis label, and indicate billable hours.

    Time Tracking

  • Mood tracking keeps clinicians informed on client emotional health.

    Valuable Mood Insights

  • The maslo care populates practical interventions for the client after a reported negative mood and gives the therapist the opportunity to push specific actionable goals for the client to try in order to reduce negative symptoms.

    Goals and Interventions

What The Client Gets

Designed to encourage healthy check-in behavior by increasing client self-awareness,
coping, and accountability between therapy sessions.

  • Daily journal smartphone app

  • Enter spoken or written journals

  • Mood tracking

  • Insight analysis into emotional health

What therapists
are saying about maslo care

Maslo care dashboard enhances your client work with minimal workflow impact enhances.

  • Increases My Effectiveness as Therapist

    CHRISTINA Corbin, therapist

    I don’t think any clinician has the benefit of this data before. I don’t think it’s ever existed. I can look at the day dashboard, or look out over 30 days, and I see patterns. I do think it allows for a much more engaged therapeutic process. Because you’ll have a lot more understanding of your client.


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